Moffat + Sexist Quotes: A List


If you think that this list is missing anything, please let me know.

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"Fans should be allowed to sit and complain about Doctor Who - what is the point in loving something if you can’t complain about it incessantly?"

Steven Moffat: ‘Doctor Who fans have a right to complain’

But yeah, people who criticize his writings are not true fans, they’re ruining it for everyone!!!11!!!

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"I think in terms of revelations River being Amy’s daughter was a bit ‘what the hell?!’"

Matt Smith at Wizard World Con, April 2014

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what sucks is i don’t even hate clara. she is so boring that i don’t feel anything for her. i would be okay with hating her because it would mean i feel something but she could die in the first episode of series 8 and i wouldn’t feel a thing.

I wrote a thing for my Journalism class and I regret nothing about it.


by Victoria Cohen

The show begins, and it’s perfect. There’s time travel, a TARDIS, new planets and new monsters for the Doctor to fight, and the smart, talented new companion, Clara Oswald.

But wait, something’s off. Why is Clara asking the Doctor to pretend to be her…


The people on my dash hate Moffat as much as me and it fills me with joy


Matt: My mom is here today. She was very upset because I’m leaving “Doctor Who.” Mom, hi! Where are you? 

Moff: Now you all know that Dr Hot Mom.

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RTD was driving Who in the right direction, mostly, he did swerve every now and then. But then Moffat took the wheel, drove back the opposite way, past the sixties, into the B.C. era, right off the cliff and into the sea of perpetual bad writing. 


OH MY GOSH the Time War was turned into Star Wars. The two most advanced races in history: they can manipulate time, destroy galaxies, one of the races is slightly telepathic, and they fight with LASERS??? I just…why…no.

The Time of the Doctor


I smiled once in The Time of the Doctor: Clara was wearing a green, paper crown and talking to the Doctor on the phone about being her pretend boyfriend to impress her family. Despite enjoying platonic relationships to the umpteenth level, I always think it’s fitting when platonic…


I feel like I should explain why I don’t like Moffat. He wrote Eleven sexist and misogynistic. I loved eleven in season five but then it started to roll downhill. He hit Clara on the butt, and he snogged a married lesbian. Also River Song had so much potential to be even more of a wonderful…


I was wondering, how come in The Girl in the Fireplace, when the Doctor is too late and discovers Madame de Pompadour has died, how come he doesn’t just use the TARDIS to travel to when she was young and take her to the stars?

Why is it that something that could easily be fixed with time travel…